Escape Tactical Hell and Build a Soulful Life

Release Bound Survival Energy &
Embody Robust Vulnerability

Coaching Can Help You

  • Build a meaningful career identity around your own authentic vitality.
  • Receive structured & attuned listening that unlocks your full potential.
  • Reduce chronic tension, hyper-vigilance, overwhelm, dissociation,
    reactivity, social anxiety & functional freeze.
  • Stabilize your energy & reduce your reliance on substances.
  • Tap into your body’s feeling, wisdom, healing & intuition.
  • Improve your attention, listening, empathy & felt presence.
  • Play the long game that reduces burnout & creates success worth having.
  • Be accountable & track progress toward your goals.
  • Move from tactical hell to strategic heaven.

(If we are a fit, my ongoing rate is $200 per 50-minute session.)

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Get your own Somatic Coach

  • Learn to identify states of threat (fight, flight, freeze, collapse) and experience more safety (stillness, play, social engagement).
  • Discharge activation and unlock bound survival energy.
  • Disrupt hypervigilance/anxiety and hypovigilance/dissociation.
  • Shift unwanted behaviors like substance use, unhealthy eating, hypersexuality, perfectionism, people pleasing, and avoidance.
  • Widen window of tolerance and emotional range.
  • Reorient to pleasure and joy.
  • Decrease shame, collapse, dissociation, and spiraling.
  • Repair collapsed boundaries and a positive sense of self.
  • Move from fear, disconnection, and disregulation to feeling at home in your body and around others.
  • Mobilize your full authentic vitality.
  • Start a virtuous cycle of improvements.
  • Be seen and heard.

Get your own Pain Recovery Coach

  • Learn how chronic pain and discomfit are learned neural pathways kept in place by unconscious fear, pressure, self-criticism, and contracted body states also known as character armor.
  • Join the many thousands who have overcome their pain through neural remapping techniques advocated by John Sarno, Howard Schubiner, Lorimer Moseley, and Alan Gordon.
  • Practice attending to your difficult sensations through a lens of safety, loving kindness, dispassionate curiosity, and acceptance.
  • Tap in to and process the underlying emotional states that are being converted into physical symptoms.
  • Strengthen your positive body identification, so that your body becomes the solution rather than the problem.
  • Get the ball rolling on a virtuous cycle of improvements and get new evidence on what is possible for you.

Get your own Career Coach

  • Pick your hill to die on. Map out what you really want for yourself.
  • Replace self-sabotage, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and social anxiety with authenticity and healthy self-esteem.
  • Find product-market fit, authentic adaptation, or ikigai, where your passion is valued.
  • Gain more control of your libido-economy and channel it wisely.
  • Learn to do less each day, but to do the hard thing and rest.
  • Stop doing things that are not rewarded and represent false productivity to soothe anxiety.
  • Practice holding boundaries, especially with energy-takers.
  • Become valuable, get evidence, and ask for what you’re worth.
  • Practice taking risks in robust vulnerability.
  • Cultivate meaningful long-term relationships.
  • Start moving toward your goals.

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The Road less Travelled

My approach is different to most coaches. I work from the basis that trauma, or past overwhelm, is stored in bodily states of chronic tension, hypervigilance, and dissociation. These states block access to our birthright of intuition, feeling, connection, and play. As a result, most people lead lives of quiet desperation and confusion where there is not enough support for integration to take place. Instead, they fall into life ruts, lose feeling, and learn to depend on inferior management strategies like substances, hypersexuality, and workaholism.

Somatic work taps into your body’s own healing resources to establish a safe home base, release bound survival energy, and disrupt unhelpful and reactive patterns. This widens your emotional range and supports healthy attachment so that you feel at ease in your body and can relate deeply with others. With healthy regulation, unhealthy patterns fade and vitality, connection, and meaning take root organically. Curiosity, play, and laughter become reliable companions, the mind takes in the bigger picture, and social engagement expands. The world becomes coherent, organized, and integrated. Unanswered questions around identity, career, and relationships start to fall into place naturally.

Career Coaching and Somatic Coaching services advertised are not a form of psychotherapy.

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