Steven is the Executive Director of Beyond Psychology Center.
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I help high-potential humans with
creative and sensitive souls transform
tactical hell into
strategic heaven.

Hi, I’m Steven,

I want to help make your life better.

I work with high-potential humans and highly sensitive beings like you.

I’ve discovered that somatic work can TRANSFORM your life, resolving deep psychological issues at their source. In particular it can shift:

  • Anxiety,
  • Burnout,
  • Pain,
  • Loneliness, and
  • Imposter Syndrome

to become:

  • Courage,
  • Core Energy, and
  • Authentic Purpose.

I got my own somatic therapy and it made things a LOT better. It de-fused my migraines and reduced my social anxiety. Using my body as a guide, I completely rebuilt my life around my authentic core. Now, I get to do what i LOVE, which is to set the conditions for similar magic to happen with my clients.

I provide a warm, non-judgmental space that helps you build the life you want on a solid foundation of understanding and acceptance. Working in this way means that life-changes tend to stick and compound over time and your identity becomes increasingly meaningful to you.

I am happy you are exploring change and I hope to meet you.

Let’s make things better.

Some Definitions:

1 Tactical Hell:

Nervous system overwhelm, anxiety, burnout, disconnection, functional freeze, chronic pain, under-resourcing, shame, guilt, spiritual homelessness, scarcity mindset, poor boundaries, false-self alliances, nose against the wall, prior traumas dictating current situation, lack of coherent strategy, going along with a dysfunctional culture

2 Strategic Heaven:

Nervous system integration and dynamic auto-regulation, ample resourcing and self-care, deeply embodied feelings of goodness, flow, energy, abundance, trust, healthy boundaries, strong relationships, internal experience is congruent with the external facts of your life, spiritual tailwind or updraft

3 Community:

A network of intimate secure relationships, robust vulnerability, openness, honesty, shared sense of purpose, trust and good energy, diversity of perspectives, true-self alliances, scenius

Steven Bradshaw is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#136584)