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💗 Sex and Body Positivity ⚧ Gender Expansiveness and Fluidity

I work with high-potential humans wanting to build a life that they can feel great about. I use a mind-body approach that engages your inner healer to move from states of disconnection, dysregulation, and pain to states of flow, self-regulation, and feeling at home in your body. This provides the foundation for a meaningful career and healthy relationships.

I provide psychotherapy to private clients in California and coaching to clients around the world. I also work at the Pain Psychology Center and Community West. I have Masters Degrees in both Clinical Psychology and Business Science and have completed Peter Levine’s three-year Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training. Previously, I worked for seven years in investment banking, private equity, and marketing strategy and traveled for five years rock climbing, sailing, and investing.

I live and practice in Santa Monica, California. In my spare time, I love to climb mountains, create art, and explore wild places.

Feeling is believing. Try a free introductory session today.

(Standard rate: $200 per 50-minute session. Sliding scale if available)

Steven Bradshaw is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#128772) supervised by W. Preston Lear, PsyD, LCSW (#22857)

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